Outsourcing of visa applications reception in Riyadh

2. Outsourcing of visa applications reception in Riyadh

Since April 2009, the French embassy has outsourced applications for short stay visas to its partner VFS GLOBAL.

This outsourcing to VFS GLOBAL provides many services such as :
-  a personalised reception with appointment
-  appointments quickly made
-  an assistance to make a complete application : VFS staff will let you know if there are any missing documents
additional services :

  • photocopy service in the centre
  • tracking of your passport by text
  • a service of passport return by express message (on demand)

The role of our service provider VFS GLOBAL is limited to the assembling of your application and to the mandatory collection of your biometric data. It does not play any role in the examination of the visa application.
The decision to grant or refuse a visa is strictly done by the visa service of the embassy.

However, persons unwilling to use VFS services may submit their application at the visa service of the embassy, only with appointment on Mondays from 8:30 am to 11 am by sending an email to : visas.riyad-amba(at)diplomatie.gouv.fr
You must be aware that with this procedure, the waiting time to get an appointment is longer (about 15 days).
In order for you to get an appointment sooner, we encourage you to submit your application at VFS GLOBAL Visa Application Centre. Please Visit VFS Website

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